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CT700 & CT800  7 & 8 decade digital counters

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CT700 totalising counter 
  • 96 x 48 mm DIN standard Housing
  • Count up or down
  • 115/230VAC or 12-28VDC supply
  • 12VDC output for proximity sensors etc
  • Electronic count rate to 2.5Khz
  • Contact count rate 30Hz
  • Non Volatile Memory
  • NPN or PNP type inputs
  • Prescaler option.
  • Front Panel reset (not available on CT800)


Mode of Operation:     

Up count: Pulses are counted from zero and overflow at 9999999(9) to 0

Down count: Pulses are counted and at zero underflow at 0 to 9999999(9)

Prescaler Option   {order code PS}  [Click here for details]

BCD output Option   {order code BCD}    [Click here for details]

RS232/485 Output Option    {order code RS232 or RS485}   [Click here for details]


Count direction up or down
Setting: Push-Push switches
Inputs:    Reset, Pulse, Inhibit, Up-down select
Input type: Selectable for PNP or NPN type sensors or volt free contact
Supply: 115/240 VAC or 12 - 30 VDC
Power output: 12 volt DC output @ 50mA for powering sensors etc.
Housing:  96 mm x 96 mm DIN standard panel mounting plastic
Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 130 mm
Panel Cutout: 92 x 45 mm
Connections:  Rising cage screw terminals
Order code:    

{type}{option 1}{option 2} i.e.  CT800-PS,   CT700-RS232





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